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A Guide to Roaches in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Roach Control

Roaches have many characteristics that can help homeowners find long-term solutions to their cockroach problems. These characteristics include distinctive feeding habits and recognizable physical features. Many residents who have learned about these traits have found effective solutions to cockroaches in Milwaukee infestation problems.

Signs of Roaches in Milwaukee

As a result, here is a brief guide about cockroaches that can help you learn about their habits and physical characteristics. 

--Cockroaches that are seen frequently in people's homes is the wood cockroach.

Wood cockroaches are native to Wisconsin. They are mainly outdoor dwellers who live inside logs, within forests and near streams. However, wood roaches will also visit people's homes if given the chance. 

Wood cockroaches eat cellulose and other wood fibers. As a result, they are attracted to wooden cabins and homes that have wooden floors.  Finally, wood cockroaches look very similar to the American cockroach because they both have flat bodies, an oval-shaped body shell and chestnut brown coloration. However, wood roaches can be distinguished by a pale or transparent stripe on the outer edge of their thoraxes. 

--Another Milwaukee cockroach that is seen in people's homes is the Oriental cockroach.

Oriental cockroaches are cockroaches that are frequently seen near drain pipes, crawl spaces and damp areas around the house. They feed on decaying plant and animal matter. As a result, they are attracted to garbage piles, messy kitchens, leaky basements and gardens. 

The Oriental cockroach can be identified by its glossy body and its dark-brown body shell. It can also be identified by butterfly-like wings that help the insect glide for short distances. 

--In addition, residents may also encounter the Smoky Brown cockroach.

The Smoky Brown cockroach is a roach native to the southern United States. It has become a problem among many homeowners because it is attracted to decaying food, large pools of water and trash cans. As a result, many Milwaukee roach control experts have developed special techniques to provide high-quality cockroach control for these situations. 

The Smoky Brown cockroach looks very similar to the American cockroach. However, its mahogany-colored body shell and its shinny thorax give the insect a unique look that's hard to miss.

Hiring a Professional Roach Exterminator in Milwaukee

As you can see, there are many roaches that can invade your home. If you've seen any of these roaches inside your home, please call us for help with roach control. They can provide you more information about the products and methods that are used to provide high-quality roach control in Milwaukee.  To get the process started, please use our handy form on this page today!


Use our email form to contact us today to get help from roach exterminators in Milwaukee and to give you back the peace of mind you deserve.