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Salt Lake City Bed Bugs

Salt Lake City Bed Bug Control

Reports of bed bugs around the country have increased dramatically in recent years. Once thought to exist primarily in cheap hotels or in homes lacking adequate hygiene, the insects are now turning up in the most exclusive resorts and neighborhoods. Such is also the case with Salt Lake City bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Salt Lake City

Bed bugs are small insects that are often described as looking like apple seeds. They get their name because they make their nests in areas where people spend time, often in or near beds and sofas. Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal so they are not often seen during the daytime. At night, they crawl out of their hiding place and feast on human blood. While most people develop only mildly irritating bite sores from bed bugs, some people can develop more serious reactions such as rashes or hives.

Like most areas where recent increases in bed bug populations have occurred, Salt Lake City bedbugs probably traveled to the valley in suitcases or on the clothes and personal items of people visiting from other areas. They are very opportunistic creatures and take every advantage to make sure they stay close to their food source.

Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator in Salt Lake City

Once established, bed bugs in Salt Lake City are extremely difficult to eradicate. Getting rid of them almost always requires a professional exterminator. Research shows that many samples of bugs taken from around the country are showing some resistance to certain insecticides, and bed bugs are no different. Even with insecticides to which the bugs will respond, most homeowners and hotel staff do not have the knowledge to hunt down bed bug nests to treat them. Just killing the bugs that are visible at any given time does practically nothing to control the overall population. 

A bed bug exterminator knows how to look for areas where bed bugs frequent. The bugs can hide in mattresses, clothing, furniture, carpets, baseboards and other places. An exterminator can also give instructions on how help prevent re-infestation, such as changing clothes after travel before entering the home, and not purchasing used furniture unless it is first inspected.

Only the combination of increasing public awareness and professional extermination services will lead to better bed bug control in Salt Lake City.

Use our email form to contact us today to help with bed bug extermination in Salt Lake City and to give you back the peace of mind you deserve.