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Cockoaches In San Diego

Roach Exterminator in San Diego

As many homeowners in the San Diego area know, cockroaches are by far the most common household pest, and perhaps the most difficult to control. These insects have been on Earth for many millions of years and are among the most adaptable of the world's arthropods. Cockroaches in San Diego are responsible for the destruction of countless thousands of dollars in food each year, and homeowners usually must employ the services of a professional exterminator to rid their house of these efficient scavengers.

Roaches in your San Diego Home

Although they do poorly in very arid climates, roaches have found their way into the living quarters of humans all over the world. People transport roaches unknowingly when they relocate across the country, as these insects often hide in cardboard boxes, old suitcases and rugs. It only takes a few roaches in close proximity to one another for a new nest to be formed and once it is established, roaches begin to organize much the same way as ants.

Because people need water to survive, roaches are now found even in the driest of climates. In the San Diego area most of the water is brought from afar and homeowners use this water for drinking, swimming, bathing and to irrigate their yards. Inside a typical home the humidity is favorable for cockroaches and it does not take long for small nests to grow into very large colonies.

How Roaches get in your Home

San Diego roaches are usually small and can find their way through the tiniest cracks in walls, between cabinets and along water pipe openings in sheet-rock. They search for food constantly and will consume not only vegetable matter but anything with protein such as bread, meat and breakfast cereals. If a homeowner notices just one or two cockroaches indoors, it probably means that a nest is already established. These nests are often located in a confined place such as behind a water heater or inside a wall next to a hot water pipe.

Professional San Diego Exterminators

For roach control in San Diego homeowners are wise to call in the services of an exterminator. Attempting to use store bought pesticides means that some of the roaches will be killed, but unless the nest can be discovered the problem will persist. Even if 80 percent of the roaches are killed the nest will soon be flourishing once more. The best cockroach control in San Diego homeowners can receive is from an exterminator that uses safe but powerful pesticides to eliminate all the insects from within walls and enclosed spaces. These exterminators have years of experience and are very affordable; the cost of removing cockroaches from the home is far less than the damage these pests can cause.

Please reach out to an exterminator for help with pest control in San Diego if you are looking to exterminate ants in San Diego, rodents in San Diego, and bed bugs in San Diego.