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Rodent Control In New York City

Rodent Control in New York City

Rodent control in New York City is vital to the well-being of its residents. Mice find a habitat with relative ease because of the many dark, and damp locations such as subways, and train stations. Rats are often found in close proximity of human existence such as attics and basements. A rat will gravitate to areas that provide remnants of food such as restaurants and homes. Rats are known to destroy building materials as well. It is not uncommon to find wood shredding or shredded paper around the habitat of a  rat. The suggestions listed below will allow residents to contribute to New York City rodent control:

1. Cleanliness- Rodents thrive on a humans trash. By keeping garbage out of sight will greatly reduce the attractiveness of your home. Tightly sealing containers of food, including pet food, will eliminate the scent that may attract rodents.

2. Tightly secure all windows and doors - A New York City rat is flexible, limber and easily adaptable to tight spaces. That being said, all entryways should be securely sealed and kept closed at all times. Hardware stores sell sealants, door jam seals, and caulking at a very low cost. This will fill -in these potential open invitations.

3. Ensure that garages are kept closed- Often garage doors are left open during spring cleaning, moving or renovations. Simply reducing the amount of time that a garage door is left open will decrease the liklihood of rodents entering.

4. Take note of odd signs- rats in New York City inevitably leave behind droppings and remnants of their existence. Inspect your property for this. Check dark spaces like your attic or basement. Do this on a frequent basis.

Hiring a Rodent Exterminator in New York City

Professional exterminator services are recommended if the possibility of rodents is evident.  A New York city mice exterminator can not only eliminate an infestation, but can also take measures to restrict a re-occurrence. Simply following the helpful tips stated above can help control prevent the presence of rodents. Agressive extermination methods will be essential. Rodents carry diseases which are transmittable to humans. Rodent droppings lead to airborne allergens.

Use our email form to contact us today to help with rodent control in New York City and to give you back the peace of mind you deserve.